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*qatsi [Nov. 25th, 2004|03:12 pm]
Scrambled Porn


So, I rented the *qatsi trilogy from Netflix.

I enjoyed the first one quite a bit, partly because it coincided with my mood but mostly because it had a notable transition and, I felt, a well articulated message that anyone could understand (independent of culture or language). While, despite the director's claims, I felt it had a clear subjective agenda, I also thought it was a worthwhile observation.

The second film seemed largely reactionary to the criticisms of the first one and catered to an optimistic celebration of life instead of the director's core challenge of technological advancement. I didn't find it engaging or impactful, outside a beautiful montage of collected pieces of film. The visuals were much better; many of the shots were amazing. Still, it seemed pointless outside of background decor.

I didn't even bother watching the third installment. I watched a three minute trailer and was disappointed by how excessively manipulated the images were. While I'm sure this was consistent with the message it seemed to undermine the simplistic beauty and overall thrust of the series. I would likely find it more accessible if I approached it as a stand-alone film.

Oh, and Philip Glass grates on my nerves.